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News & Events: Recent Trip to Ouse Washes to photograph Swans

Tuesday 19th February 2008 | (0) Comments

Photographing Bewick's Swans is something I have wanted to do all this winter, but due to the endless wet or windy conditions I have just not had a chance until now. Everything comes to he who waits; is certainly no more true than in photography!! so it was when conditions improved dramatically on the 15th Feb to frosty nights with clear blue sky days, a little early morning fog for good measure.  I had 4 glorious days, concentrating on Swans in flight and on the water in early morning mist. In these colder conditions the swans tend to stay in their roost longer, allowing more time to photograph them before they fly out to the fields where they feed. You can see some of the pictures in the ‘Latest Images’ section of the Portfolio.